Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Universe Hangs

I believe that black holes are new universes spawned by our universe and that our universe was created by a black hole in another universe.  When a black hole is created a space time bubble is formed creating a universe.  Dark matter maybe from the matter inside a black hole and that dark energy is energy and matter going into the black hole causing it to expand and thereby accelerating the growth of the universe within.  Inside a black hole the four forces are combined into a superforce that transends space time and causes this new universe.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Neatle Engagement

18 day of Milnak, 4021 Galactic Central; July 5th 2063 Earth Time
The engines of the ship fired into life creating a gravitic wave that distorted spacetime around them.The destination was not far in galactic terms, only 58 light years away, but a long time at none warp speeds. Nar Shalat would engage the worm hole generator when the ship reached half the speed of light. The slower a ship was going when it went through the wormhole the more power would be wasted going through the event horizon.Surveying class A planets was a great honor for a Neatle and could be worth many credits if indigenous species were found.Also the Neatle believed that you became the god of a system after you died if found worthy by the universal god. So finding a new system could mean godhood.The Neatle had been in space for two thousand years, encountering hundreds of species in many forms.

The Neatle were the oldest space faring species they had encountered. They looked like giant beatles with four antennae and a chitonous exoskeleton.Their hands were finely articulated with three fingers and one thumb.This limited their perceptions and their numbering system is 8 based.Nar Shalat was considered a reckless example of a Neatle.
He engaged the worm hole generator and engaged the gravitic drive, sailing through the wormhole to the new system he was to study.He manipulated the controls of his holo vid screen with adept skill. He zoomed into the planets in the system taking inventory and logging the size and orbits. One of the planets, looked promising for life with a large amount of water.He turned on the radio and jerked in surprise to the amount of radio traffic coming from the planet.Yes definitely life, with artificial satellites in orbit around the blue marble.
Young Fetelli looked out the portal of the space ship Atlantis at the beautiful view of our planet Earth.It was his third time in space. "Atlantis, this is ground control" the radio blurted into the cabin. "Prepare for docking with the International Space Station"PAR-15 the floating robotic personal assitant swivelled in the air next to Young, bobbing in the zero gravity of the space ship.
The neatle homeworld is fifty percent water and situated very similarly to earth.  Although it has two moons, Reeda and Hidel.
The plant life is extraordinary and the animal life amazingingly diverse.  The oceans are very turbulent. 
The neatle learned to build their homes under ground to allow the plant and animal life to florish on the surface.
They use matter-antimatter total annhilation reactions to power their structures.  The fuel the Neatle use is double strange anti-protons combined with strange charmed protons

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


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